Senior Minister?

I was amused, during the prerecording of an interview of me by Guryel at Rhema Christian Radio, that I as referred to as the Senior Minister of St Stephens Anglican Church in Belmont.  This was amusing because, compared to the usage of this phrase, St Stephens is a lone ministry, it is hard to be a Senior Minister when there are no ‘junior’ or ‘subordinate’ ministers.  I was tempted during the process of preparing for the interview to correct Guryel, but I found myself liking the description.  Except for the ‘corporate church’ implications of Senior Minister, and perhaps there is a better phrase that could be used, the reality of the Church is that all members are meant to be ministers.  IN this sense, then, I could be described as the Senior Minister.  So, I live with it.  I would love to hear from you if you have a suggestion of a title for ordained ministry that does not sound like corporate jargon and affirms that every member of the Church is a minister.

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