Postcards from the Middle East – Day 8

Trap cor young travelers, or even old ones for that matter. As Ian said, ‘A schoolboy mistake.’ We rose at 6 am to leave at 6.30. Had difficulty explaining to our driver that we were going to skip breakfast so we could male the 10 am bus from Eilat to Jerisalem, so I pulled out mu trusty translator so he could read it in Arabic. What good value for money that Polyglot application has been.

We got away as planned but as we crossed the border into Israel we noticed the clock reading 10.05 am. We had forguotten to check for time changes. Consequently we had missed the bus and the next one wasn’t until after 2 pm. We decided to catch a taxi to Jerusalem to get us there when we were expected. It probably only cost us a little bit more. So here we are on Jerusalem, smack dab in the middle of Old Jerusalem. From the viewing deck on the roof of the Lutheran Hostel, St Marks Street, Jerusalem we can see the mosque oh the dome of the rock. Will take some pictures before the other pilgrs arrive tomorrow.

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  1. Rosslyn Jablonsky says:

    Don’t you just hate time zones! I am glad you are having a good time and are safe. Take care.

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