Postcard from the Middle East – Day 5

Today we went to.see the Church at work throu the Monastry of St Simon the Tanner in garbage city Moqqam. Garbage City was once a garbage dump, but as we Fri e through to the monestry we saw that it had become an organised into what can only be described as a suburb of privitised garbage collectors who sort through the rubbish to collect recyclable products and on sell those to the recycling agents as their income. The monestry was established to minister to those living on the garbage dump and has also established schools and hospital to some 30,000 people. The chapels of the monestry are built into caves; the largest of these seats 10,000. The icons of this Coptic Orthodox  monestry were carved into and some painted, the sandstone and limestone rockface of the cave chapels and the great wall of the old quarry that surrounds it. The work taht the monastery is doing and the sppendoir of the place was heartfelt.

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