Postcards from the Middle East Day 3

Spent most of today exploring Islamic Cairo. Our guide tells us that Cairo is sometimes called the city of minarets because of the number of Mosques in the city. Our guide, who is of Islamic heritage talked of her frustration with seeking to make a country of one religion. We talk about this on Christianity as the ‘Christendom Paradigm’. It is very much the struggle that some have with the perception that Islam is moving toward; it is true for Egypt as well. Our guide is a very modern model of a very open Muslim (if that is how she expresses her faith) and her boyfriend is Coptic Orthodox.  I explored three mosques with her today including the mosque of Mohammed Ali (no, not the one you are thinking of) in the Citadel of Salah Al-Din.

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  1. Cassie Calder says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey,when your days are so full.
    So good!


  2. A friend referred me to your site. Thanks for the details.

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